Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you think video games are the cause of violent kids? You hear all the time from parents that you shouldn’t play games more or less the ones that are violent. Some complain that video games are the cause of violence in schools and at activities. You all so hear that “those games are going to rot your brain” and many other negative things that you can just imagine.

Well I say that’s what they think, for games have never really been bad for you and now more and more people are coming to realize this. I was reading this article and this lady is right, for don’t we let are children play with cap guns and other violent things. What is the difference?

Well deference is that there isn’t any really. For a kids imagination will wonder where it wants to know matter what you do. I mean I’ve played video games all my life and I’m not a violent person. I use video games to relax, like Call of Duty and God of War. As well as guitar hero and I’ve just recently gotten to use a wii their amazing. Games are getting to the point where you can learn things from them. Look at leapster made by leapfrog. That’s a video game for children where all it was meant to do is teach them. So not all video games can be considered bad. If anything it should be parents faults for letting their children play the violent games when there to young anyway. For that’s why companies put labels on the games with ratings.

Even most violent games aren’t that bad really for there is a lot of strategy in the games. For in some you have to solve puzzles in order to continue playing the game. Plus I was playing the latest metal gear solid for the ps3 and after so long it makes you take a break from the game. The only thing I can see being caused by games maybe, is obesity. With the wii now, even that is being taken care of. For you have the wii fit games and others that make you get up and move. Sooner or later I feel all systems are going to require that you make movements for it won’t be long before virtual games are reality, but in the case of games causing violence I think it’s all bologna.


schmitz.88 said...

Before I read this I honestly did think video games were the cause of violets in kids. I do agree with when you said “For don’t we let are children play with guns and other violent things.”

I never play video games. I personally do not enjoy them. So I wouldn’t know if it makes people want to do violent things. But many of my male friends play video games and they mess around but it is nothing serious.

Most video games are becoming educational. A lot of teachers are using video games for kids to learn how to add or subtract. This is a good way because many kids want to play video games so if they are why not teach them daily life skills.

Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...

I find this argument fascinating, as many of the people who complain about how the violence in video games--although there certainly is no shortage of it--instigates similar behavior children in "real life" often make the argument that, say, sports games can dissuade children from playing actual sports. I find it hard to believe the the games can cause the imitation of some behavior (violence) but not others (athleticism). Just my two cents.

A nice post, Anthony, although the tile and author ("this lady" doesn't cut it) with credentials would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that games cause violence in society nor movies or music. The games are made up and have no say in reality life. Its choices people make that create violence. Games are just games and movies are just movies. I get sick of the media blaming games for school violence. Thats really stupid. People and real life situations are the cause of violence.

antoniolampkins said...

I do agree with you, I do not believe that video games cause kids to become violent. I agree with you when you say, if anything, it's the parents fault. Many people believe video games, movies, and music can be violent in the society, but that's why there are ratings. It is the parents responsibility to watch over what video games or movies the child is watching. I believe violence in children is cause by the way a child experiences his or her early years in life. If a child grows up watching violent parents or hanging out with the wrong type of kids, I believe this can cause violence.