Monday, January 25, 2010

Your Now Connected

Online gaming is huge on all devices, from cell phones and laptops to game systems. The thing about them in my opinion is the ability to keep connected with friends and family, as well as being able to meet people from all over the world. Who are all having fun doing the same thing you are and that’s playing a game. Most online games like these are awesome to play with friends and others, for your no longer limited to a story line most of the time when games are online. You can form alliances in some with your friends and lead campaign’s to control territory. Or in the case or a shooting game, form a squad and strategies how to take down an enemy that you couldn’t alone.

You also have people using online gaming to hold competitions at conventions for games like halo. They play with certain rules in order to win prizes like money, other games, controllers and many other things. I’ve never competed in anything like that but I had a friend in high school that did. For things like that though you really have to be good at the game.

The most resent online game I played was with my dad called “Sacred 2 Fallen Angel”.

It’s basically no more than another version of “Dungeon and Dragons”. I really like it though, for you get to battle many creatures and ride a horse as well. It kind of reminds me of “World of Warcraft” for the computer.

You’re set in a gigantic world of Ancaria, where there is a dark and light side to the game and six characters. The characters are a Seraphim, High Elf, Dryad, Temple Guardian, Shadow Warrior, and an Inquisitor each with their own unique abilities.
“No matter which character or path you choose, Ancaria’s unique world will continuously surprise you with its many dangers, adventures, and wonders. It is a living world with peaceful inhabitants and abysmally evil creatures. The courageous and lucky hero will find power, respect, and riches beyond their imagination. But for those who waver, there will be only death. It could come from anywhere – around the next bend, in dark crypts, deep woods, or icy caverns…” (Introduction from game).
Any way hope you enjoyed this post.


Anonymous said...

Online gaming is something I enjoy doing. I play games on xbox live all the time. But as of recently Ive had a set back with playing games. My xbox just burned out. That is what my blog post for this week is about. Playing online makes the games so much better. Id rather play online with other people than play through the campaign or story mode on a game. Its much more competitive. Ranking up and having the best stats is what online games are about for me.

Shooter24 said...

I'm not much of an online gamer myself. Although I do religiously play 360 everyday. I never really view online gaming as a form of socialization or intense interaction. I can definitely see the concept now. So do you view texting as a forming of gaming? IDK its possible. Sorry, I'm huge into Sociology

Derek John Boczkowski said...


I've never played online; like I mentioned in the comments to Chris's post the other week, if I did, I would definitely want to know the people on the other end, as the camaraderie is one thing I really value in playing games.

Try to make your linked text stand out in color from your regular text a tad more.

Look up your/you're in Longman.

Cimino said...

I also really like online gaming, I used to play some games online on the computer but now I just mostly play on Xbox live. I also agree that it is very fun to meet new people all over the world that share the same interest in gaming. I mostly stick to sports games or shooting games like COD