Monday, February 1, 2010

Life Sucks without a Ps3

I really like playing video games on my Dad’s ps3, when I go back to Toledo now and then. I like having wireless controllers, the high definition and its ability to use wifi to connect with the internet. Unfortunately for now I only have the ps2, due to the fact that, like most college students I’m strapped for money. Especially since a ps3 system starts out at $299.00 plus tax, for that’s a lot of money. My biggest let down though even with not having enough money to buy my-self a ps3 is when I found out by a update, from play station/Sony by e-mail, that they are no longer going to be making games for the ps2 as of January 2010. This means that my long wait for God of War 3 after playing the first two, just got a lot longer.

I became so, so mad about not being able to continue the series with the system. I felt as if I had been betrayed by Sony. I really want to play this game because I became almost addicted to the first and second releases of God of War. But you don’t always get what you want, for many reasons, mine just happens to be bills and needing a job.

The game it-self is supposed to be better than the others because of a few modifications and the fact that it’s on the new system. I found my information with a quick search on God of War 3. I can wait to see all that’s in-store with the new game coming out in March. Apparently you’re going to be able to take control of mythological creatures and ride them to help you get from place to place or just use their strength to wipe out enemies. As well as they give you some new weapons like the Cestus, which they talk a little about on the website I found. All of the stuff I read on this game makes me want to play it even more. Maybe by March who knows I could have a job (I really hope I do) and can afford to buy a ps3. So that I can finally play games for, it without having to go back up to Toledo and use my Dad’s and can only play for about a couple hours on the weekend.

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DAD said...

AWWW! You poor baby, it's reallysucks that you make so many other plans when you come home. And all your other plans take away from you playing games on MY Ps3. And so everyone knows I didn't get a Ps3 when they first came out, it took sevral years before i could afford one. Not only that i just got a Xbox 360 for christmas. Who knows if your a really good boy this year santa may just bring you a Ps3.