Monday, February 8, 2010

Multiplayer Issues!

One thing I don’t care for is when a game company makes a great shooting, action or RPG, that’s co-op multiplayer. Then decide to change it to being single player or online. I ran into this type of thing over the weekend with the Medal of Honor series. For I used to play Medal of Honor Rising Sun all the time on my Game cube and it was a co-op multiplayer.

So I figured, since I had a friend coming over this weekend that likes to play games while he’s over. I decided to be the awesome friend I am and went to the store to buy a shooting game that was co-op. Well when I got there, I knew that the Medal of Honor Rising Sun was so the continuations of it Medal of Honor European Assault should be as well, or so I thought. I took it back home and started to play it and realized that I had made a mistake in purchasing it with-out looking. It was great for player vs. player matches though, over many locations in WWII.

So to fix this problem I went back to the game store and looked around for about fifteen minutes or so until I finally found a game with co-op multiplayer. It turned out to be Ghost Recon another game I’ve played before but never gave a thought about it. My friend and I had a great time playing the two games this weekend while my wife had a girl’s night out. Even though the snow we got tried to ruin things for us.

But anyway I would rather be able to have some fun with friends on co-op games to. For after any period of time no matter what game your playing a player vs. player just gets to boring. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way about it. Some shooting games don’t even have the option for a multiplayer game unless you go online, but I would say almost 90% of the time that requires a second gaming system. Plus not every-one can afford internet, for some of these only on-line multiplayer games. So hopefully they start doing something about this, because its really getting annoying.


DAD said...

your right its time for these cxompanies to step up and put games back the way they were. 2 player co-op and player vs. player.
the only new game that is a t2 player co-op thats brand new is Army of two the 40th day for Ps3.
Which again if my son would better manage his time and spend more with his family e could have finished it over the weekend it came out. Or if he is a really good boy and plays nice with others santa might bring him something special. yes i keep up with my son as he goes through college.

Melody Halsey said...

creeper! :P
lol jk dad

Shinobi110990 said...

Yes I could have managed my time a little better but its really hard when everyone wants to see you when you come into town. You know this just as well as I do. Maybe next time I come up we can finish the game from where we left off, but that’s up to you. Playing Vagas was just as much fun, plus I wasn’t getting ticked off at it like we were Army of 2 40th day. Hope works going ok for you now that you’re back. Don’t forget about Mel’s birthday!