Monday, February 22, 2010

Into the FUTURE!!!

What will the future of gaming be like? The most reoccurring theme I’ve heard or read people say is that “It won’t be long now before games become virtual.” From my standings I would have to agree with everyone, for games are developing at a rapid pace just like any other type of technology out there. I mean ever since the Atari game system came out in 1977, they have come a long way and its only been 33 years. When you think about how much progress has taken place in just each decade, it makes you want to say wow!

Just from that it makes me wonder what could be possible for game companies to come up with in just this next decade. Maybe for war or some type of shooting game, they will come out with a realistic gun. That requires the user to cock and reload the weapon, while movements of your body are tracked by gloves and a jacket that you put on. Who knows what exactly the future may bring us in the gaming world. Things may ever become more 3D like, with characters or scenery that you feel like you could touch. We already have graphics that allow us to see characters breath, sweat, and move as if they were real people.

Really the next biggest step I can see in game development is in a virtual reality. Where when you move, they move and act as you do. Just like in the movie I just watched the other day called “Gamer.” Everything I watched on this made me feel this I kind of the way I can see video games evolving (minus the human controlling part), but how the kid controls every action of the game just by thinking it. I could easily see the military using some type of set up like this, to train their soldiers without sending them into the field where they could really end up dead because of a mistake.

So I guess will just have to wait and see what happens, and hope for the best really. Hope it turns out to be great though! Cant wait to see what you think may be instore for gaming!


Chris_Santos said...

this is pretty much what the xbox is doing now with project natal. for shooters all you have to do is just hold your hands up like your holding a gun and the natal sensors will pick up ur actions. still not sure how you would have to reload and stuff but it still looks cool. the first game will prolly be like time crisis or somethin like that. i did hear that the next call of duty may be able to use the Natal which woud be crazy

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I remember when virtual reality really hit the scene in the mid-nineties; everyone was predicting a takeover then. It may have taken a little longer than what we thought then, but it appears that it is on its way.

Link to Gamer?

Kasey Kalmar said...

the future of games is a really interesting thing to think about. Games over the last two decades have evolved immenclly. Going from cheap POS controllers and big plastic game cards to compact discs and amazing picture quality. Its hard to tell what will be next in store for the gaming industry.

antoniolampkins said...

Its amazing to see how far video games and technology has come. Ive seen videos of project natal by xbox and its crazy to see how it all is going to work. I think It would be very cool to play games in a virtual reality, but i will have to wait and see how it all turns out. I think it will still be a few years until they can create the advanced sensors used to pick up your actions in the game.