Monday, January 11, 2010

Winning wars with games

I remember watching on a TV special on how the US military uses combat games like "call of duty" and "Ace Combat" to train soldiers. I looked some stuff up on it and found one that is called “America’s Army” although it’s not made for the play station 3, its pretty cool. They integrated it into a Javelin missile training system and CROWS or (common remotely operated weapons system) which apparently is a remote-controlled gun on the new humvees. Their basically a simulator for all switch’s and sounds on it are all realistic. For the general public games like "Call of Duty" are pretty realistic as well and they run you through many different types of situations in battles. They can be very difficult at times and others are not so bad. Your main goal though is the same of the militaries and that is for you to not die. So games like these can be good when people say their bad. For they provoke violence in our society today with our younger generation. This is why there are ratings on games so unless the parent buys the game for their kid they can’t get it.

For me the best army style game I like is “Call of Duty World at War”, for on the game is a two player bonus game on it called Nazi Zombies and it’s just amazing. You and your partner are trapped in a two story, four room house, with boarded windows and many weapons but you have to purchase them as you get enough points from killing the Nazi zombies. You start out in one room with a hand gun there are two rifles on the wall that can be purchased and around five windows to guard. The zombies come in waves and with each wave more come at you at a faster pace. So to add to the mayhem you can at a cost move a couch to go upstairs or open a door. I prefer the door because on the other side is a chest that you can open which will give you a random weapon, and you hope for the best. My favorite is a laser gun that only takes one shot to kill them.

That’s just one of many that I have played and I look forward to the future of fighting games for who knows they could be virtual sooner than we think.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Call of Duty nazi zombies is a great game. Its intense and makes you think fast. Its a challenge that is stress relieving at the end of the day. But since the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been out, I have switched favorites. I like how more advanced the game is and relates to real life military today. Although my favorite nazi game type is the newest map pack "Der Reise". Its filled with more weapons and is much bigger. I am already looking forward to the next Call of Duty game to come out.

Chris_Santos said...

i liked the first part of this blog that talked about how the army uses games to train just blows my mind. it seems like they are headed towards the technology where war would be like a the movie "Gamer", or that regular citizens could be soldiers from the comfort of their own home. very interesting information.

i liked Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 more than World at War just because i am better at the online play. the campaign in my opinion is better as well

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I agree with Chris that the part about the army using video games is interesting and may need further investigation/explanation.

I also suggest that you spend a post explaining/supporting your point when you suggest that some video games "provoke violence in our society today with our younger generation."